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Josh Degen

The Białystok Cemetery Restoration Fund (BCRF), a US based 501(C)(3) non-profit, began its restoration of the Bagnówka Cemetery in 2016. Bagnówka is the largest remaining cemetery in eastern Poland. It once had over 30,000 graves with headstones. Post WWII the communists toppled every headstone then stole many of them. Previous restoration efforts began in late 2000. Early efforts were hindered by antiquated equipment. Through 2022 the BCRF has reset over 1600 matzovoth utilizing mechanized equipment approved by the Head Rabbi of Poland. There are still approximately 5000-6000 headstones in need of restoration. We perform this volunteer work for two weeks during the month of August each year. If you seek volunteer opportunities please email us. Donations to help us continue this work can be made on our website.

Białystok Cemetery Media

Our most important video

Great video of 2022 work 

Another video 

Białystok Cemetery News

Very important news link

Summer 2022 press release

News story


For further information, to volunteer, contact the project leader, or to donate, please see:

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