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Hatte Blejer

The Jewish cemetery in Przerośl in northeastern Poland dates to 1826 and is about the size of a football field.  Like other Polish Jewish cemeteries, it was severely damaged during the Holocaust years, later reverting to wilderness. Headstones were often used as building materials.  The cemetery had become impassable, more of a small forest than a cemetery, by 2017, when descendants from several continents began working to clear the cemetery and clean the remaining gravestones.

Summers 2017 to 2019, descendants led by The Matzevah Foundation and Dr. Steven Reece worked on clearing the cemetery, accompanied by supporters from Przerośl.  In 2020-21, our friend, Rafał Bukowski oversaw clearing work during the Pandemic.  Special thanks to Agata Liszewska and Professor Jan Wiktor Sienciewicz, as well as to the municipality.

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