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Provide fundraising and publicity strategies­­­­

Provide fundraising and publicity strategies­­­­

Cemetery restoration is not a solitary activity. You need partners to help fund the project and to share responsibility. Moreover, other descendants of the Jewish community that once existed in your town should be involved in decisions and, at a minimum, be kept informed on the state of their ancestors’ final resting place.  


Thus, the guidebook will provide detailed advice and case studies on fundraising and soliciting and engaging collaborators. We will share example websites (self-standing project and group sites), ways to garner tax-deductible donations, and ways to use genealogy sites to identify other descendants from your ancestral locale. Further, we share videos, media articles, and slide presentations we have built or commissioned on our projects for you to use as templates.


FJCP is here to advise you throughout this process.

***This is provided as interim guidance until our Guidebook is released.***

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