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Edward Janes

Jews first appeared in Przasnysz in the 16th century; an organized Jewish community emerged in the 18th century. The cemetery that serviced this community stood neglected for many years after WWII. An effort to restore dignity to the Jewish cemetery of Przasnysz has been underway and active since 2014. Our volunteers and supporters have completed the following:

  • Removal of tree overgrowth on Leszno St.; all grass, shrubs, trash, etc., cleared from the site twice.

  • A perimeter fence installed to protect the property.

  • Concrete walls that divided / split the cemetery removed.

  • A number of very tall trees that were in need of maintenance were trimmed.

  • Construction rubble from an abandoned 1980's housing project removed.

  • A “No-Parking" zone on Leszno (directly in front of cemetery) was established.

Our plans for next steps are to install large memorial boulders along Leszno St on the cemetery grounds, memorializing the once thriving Jewish community of Przasnysz.

For further information, to volunteer, contact the project leader, or to donate, please see:

Project Gallery

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