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Ellen Korman Mains

Jews are believed to have lived in Tuszyn since the 1600s. By the 1930s. Jews comprised about 40% of the population and were represented on the city council. Located about 13 miles south of Łódź in central Poland, Tuszyn's Jewish cemetery is owned by the Jewish Community of Łódź. Restoration of this neglected and unmarked site began in 2019 thanks to the efforts of one local school teacher.

With support from two primary schools, parents, the town council, POLIN Museum, the Jewish Community of Łódź, and descendants, the site has been cleared of debris and is marked by a large memorial stone, a plaque, and an information sign in 3 languages. Through these partnerships, the town has reclaimed an important part of its history and learned about Jewish culture and the importance of tolerance.

Our current goal is to fund and install a proper gate and fence to protect the cemetery. Donations (and more information) are gratefully accepted at:

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