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Develop a plan for restoration

Develop a plan for restoration

Planning and carrying out a cemetery restoration project is a challenging and fulfilling adventure. A “cookbook” manual is not possible because each project is different. The differences are your ideas as project leader, fellow descendants’ ideas, the size and nature of the town’s populace, and the physical and biological environment of the location. Being open to fine-tuning and adjusting plans is essential. The Guidebook will provide detailed information for each of the steps below:

●      Assess the site

●      Determine the ownership of the site and identify local interested parties

●      Develop a vision for restoration based upon input from collaborators, likely available funding, etc.

●      Plan logistics (e.g., volunteers, contracting, permits)

●      On-site activities (e.g., vegetation clearing, caring for gravestones, fencing, designing signs, memorials)

●      Plan for long-term maintenance of the cemetery

FJCP will advise you through each of these steps. 

***This is provided as interim guidance until our Guidebook is released.***

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