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Facilitate collaboration with local community

Facilitate collaboration with local community

Successful restoration, no matter how defined, is dependent on communities coming together. This not only includes Jewish descendants of a particular ancestral town, but also the local, contemporary, non-Jewish communities. The intent is to establish the cemetery, which is often the last remnant of the Jewish population, as a shared cultural treasure. Because the Jewish and the non-Jewish communities not only don’t know each other, but also often have pre-conceived ideas, a process of becoming acquainted and building trust is an inherent and critical step. Additional stakeholders contributing to successful projects include various authorities in Poland involved with compliance with local regulations and Jewish law. The Guidebook will present strategies to accomplish this along with case studies from our own experiences. 

FJCP will advise you on your journey through stakeholder engagement. 

***This is provided as interim guidance until our Guidebook is released.***

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