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Use a guidebook for descendants like you

Use a guidebook for descendants like you

FJCP is working diligently to complete a comprehensive guidebook specifically for descendants restoring their ancestral cemeteries in Poland. While the guidebook will be released later in 2023, we will include interim information on our website. The impetus for this Guidebook is that although there has been an accelerating pace of cemetery restoration projects in Poland over the past twenty years, the current rate is inadequate to sufficiently address the ongoing loss and deterioration of the 1000+ remaining restorable cemeteries. If the pace of cemetery restoration is to increase, we believe that descendants need to take primary responsibility for completing the task at hand. We believe that a guidebook written for descendants best addresses this. 


In the meantime, we share a Guidebook written by one of our members a few years ago. This Guidebook was groundbreaking as it was the first such work regarding cemetery restoration in Poland. It is based upon his experiences, information gathering from others, and exhaustive review. As you peruse this guidebook, please keep in mind it will be superseded by the FJCP Guidebook. 


Further, we refer you to an exceptionally detailed and comprehensive website providing information for Ukraine, most of which is broadly applicable: Some of the material is well beyond the scope of what descendant-lead restoration usually involves.


FJCP will help you navigate these interim resources and the broad task of cemetery restoration.

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