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Bob Silverstein

Elk Grove Village, IL

As a result of forming a worldwide group of people whose ancestors came from Krynki, I learned about the Jewish cemetery there.  One of the members of the Virtual Krynki Verein, Joanna Czaben, actually lives in Krynki and asked me to help preserve the cemetery.  Neither she nor I had the faintest idea of what that required.  Several times a year, friendly Poles spent a few days removing unwanted vegetation but the job needed much more work than that.


Fortunately, Myrna Teck was a member of both the Krynki Virtual Verein and FJCP, and invited me to join FJCP.  Almost without having to ask, the other members of FJCP suggested the many steps needed to clean up the cemetery and honor our ancestors properly.  FJCP was also working with the key stakeholders restoring cemeteries in Poland .  Thanks to their help, we, the Krynki descendants, have carried out two major clean ups and have plans to do more projects to honor those buried there.


To honor the dead by caring for the cemetery where they are buried is a great deed.  To work with FJCP helps make that happen.  Remember your ancestors and let FJCP help you perform that mitzvah.

Bob Silverstein
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