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Jeff Miller

Brookeville, MD

I am a descendant of Jews from Poland and am proud of my Jewish heritage.

I first traveled to Poland in 2018 when I visited the Nowogród Jewish Cemetery. During my visit I was moved by what I saw in the POLIN museum. I also visited the Jewish cemetery in Łódź.

Contrasting the Łódź Jewish cemetery’s well-maintained condition to that of the Nowogród Jewish cemetery in its abandoned, neglected, overgrown state, I knew I had to take action.

I made the decision to initiate and lead an effort to restore the cemetery, and am collaborating with others who are similarly committed to other Jewish cemeteries in Poland. 

I have been highly motivated to make a difference in three ways:

  • Educating Polish youth and the general population on the Jewish presence and contributions

  • Partnering with others in restoration projects

  • Restoring the dignity of the burial place of my ancestors

I see what I can accomplish as but a first step in a journey to fight antisemitism through raising the awareness of the Polish people of the Jewish presence, heritage, and contributions during the past 1000 years.

Jeff Miller
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