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Traveling by Train

When traveling by train...

  • We recommend traveling first class since the additional cost is minimal.  Be sure that you understand if you need to transfer on the way to your destination or if the ticket is part train and part bus.  A slight adjustment in time may yield a better trip.

  • There is a train connection in Warsaw airport to downtown Warsaw and elsewhere.

  • We suggest buying your tickets at Although you can print out paper tickets, their phone app (both Android and Apple) is easy to use and offer the possibility of using electronic tickets and making last-minute changes.

  • Note that there are not porters to help with luggage in most train stations and you may have to schlep your luggage up and down stairs (or arrange for a guide to meet you and help).  For this reason, if we are arriving and leaving from Warsaw, we sometimes leave some items not needed during our stays in remote areas at our Warsaw hotel.

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